Our Philosophy

The Cattle

Our cattle are selected for marbling, growth rates, and maternal abilities.  We breed with three distinct lines: Angus, Simmental and Gelbvieh. Simmentals and Gelbvieh, both continental European breeds, are larger and grow faster, allowing our cattle to go from birth to plate more quickly. We breed with the small-framed, high-marbling Angus, which have strong maternal abilities. This breed infuses the meat with tenderness and that highly sought after marbling that Angus beef is known for.

By utilizing heterosis in our breeding program and developing crossbreeds that have the size and marbling while going to market faster, we are allowing our farm to stay economically sustainable.

Our Soils

We maintain and build our soils using proper grazing management and no-till farming practices. Through crop rotations, no-till practices, and grazing, we continually increase soil health. In our agronomy practices, we look to find species of plants that can work synergistically to create benefits for our soil and our natural resources. A focus on soil health leads to healthy plants, and in turn, well-nourished cows. This integrated approach is what allows our beef to stand out from the crowd.