Meet the Rancher

Keith P. Nantz

People are my passion, and I’m determined to bridge the information gap between cattle ranchers and beef consumers. As a first-generation rancher, I truly enjoy the business of raising high-quality beef, and I’m blessed every day to have breathtaking rural Oregon scenery as my office.

I grew up in Northeast Oregon surrounded by the most beautiful scenery one may ever see. This upbringing taught me to seek the utmost in life while always being grounded in family, friends, and the community.

As a child, I always wanted to run a cattle operation.  Maybe it was the romance of it, or too many cowboy movies, but being a cattleman always had a draw for me.

Now that I’ve “grown up,” I get to fully immerse myself in every aspect of cattle production.  The beef business can be very daunting at times because we must have a wide variety of aptitude in many areas: hydrology and agronomy, veterinary skills, economics and finance, mechanics, nutrition and ecology, to name a few.

There is even more to learn by talking with our consumers, as well as fellow ranchers, about how to run and operate a sustainable, transparent cattle operation. I believe we can all get better by listening to both sides of the fence: understanding what the customer wants, coupled with developing knowledge of what the industry currently provides. I enjoy challenging “the norm,” yet fully respect the ranching generations before us and the guidance they offer for the future..

The kid in me always loves a challenge and I’m blessed that I truly love what I get to do each day. Without a wonderful team and all those who supported my vision along the way, we couldn’t bring you such an unrivaled product. I look forward to talking with you about how we get beef from our pastures to your plates.