Expect more
from your beef

One bite of Deschutes River Beef, and you’ll understand.
Well-marbled cuts create the backdrop for robust tasting tender meat that speaks to the local grasses and grains we feed our cattle.

Specializing in selling local beef to high-end restaurants and specialty butchers, we pride ourselves in putting forth a nose-to-tail product that you’ll be proud to serve to your customers.

Angus beef

Our Land

“Looking east toward eastern Oregon with its great livestock raising areas, these visitors are going to visualize the relationship between the cattle ranches and the summer ranges in the forests.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt, President, September 28, 1937
in an address at Timberline Lodge

Our ranchland is our canvas from which we create an exceptional tasting beef. President Roosevelt deeply understood the value of eastern Oregon’s ranchlands, and so do we. From our intensive grazing management, to our selection of barley grain, to our choice of cattle breeds, we care about managing our lands to protect the unique ecology and soils of our ranch.

We are completely transparent about our ranch management practices and want you to be informed about the product you are purchasing.

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Our Customer’s Experience

“From the beginning, Deschutes River Beef has been transparent and informative as to every step of the process from taking care of the soil to the delivery of its product.  I’ve enjoyed walking the pasture, noting the variety of grasses and greenery that the cattle graze upon.  I’ve enjoyed discussing and working with Keith and Rory as they develop a product that has far exceeded my expectations.  My first taste of their beef was revelatory; I used a tasting technique used by winemakers and was amazed as the complexity of flavors went on and on, changing, and becoming more intense as the sensory array expressed itself.  Deschutes River Beef simply has a more complex and intense flavor profile than any other beef I’ve tried, and the response from our customers has been outstanding. “

-Jason Stoller Smith, Executive Chef of Timberline Lodge